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Charcoal grills - this is the most common form of grills to be installed on the street. They have a variety of forms: round, square, oval, in the form of a suitcase, barrel, carts, etc. If your backyard is still no charcoal grills Weber, then you definitely should buy it, because it is an integral part of our traditions.

Weber charcoal grills are manufactured from high quality cast iron or steel, because they must withstand high temperatures. In the absence of coal in these grills can be used wood, which will give your dishes a specific flavor, depending on the type of wood.

Weber offers a wide selection of charcoal grills and useful accessories to them, as well as many different options for working area. In short, if you have a yard will be installed charcoal grill, it will be not only useful attribute, but also a great decoration element.

Weber charcoal gril

Charcoal grills are constructed very simply. They consist of a brazier, which burns fuel and grills to cook food. Lattice can be adjusted in height, which makes it possible to adjust the cooking temperature of a product. To maintain a constant temperature while cooking, Weber charcoal grills are equipped with heat reflecting cap.

Charcoal grills are the most simple and popular. The whole care of them is reduced mainly to the purification of the lattice and cleaning ash from the brazier. In charcoal grills is easy to add fuel during cooking. When buying a charcoal you can offer a special liquid for easy ignition.

Food cooked on charcoal grill, a distinctive smoky aroma "haze" - a delicious and unique.

Well, you've already decided to buy a charcoal grill Weber? If still in doubt, you can visit our catalog charcoal grills or our sponsors where you are waiting for hundreds of tempting offers.